1 Timothy: Desire to See People be Saved

We live in a time where the news and those on social media like to tell us we only care about our own. Forcing a narrative that we only care about those who look like us, speak like us and live where we live.  However, we are seeing truth emerging through inspiring stories of people around the world and here at home.

I see people I know and love picking up there lives and family’s lives to move somewhere new and unknown to spread the truth of the Gospel.

I often see reports of fighting and discontentment in the news. And then something happens; a hurricane, flood, earthquake or etc. And you see people helping strangers. Not because they want to be seen as a hero,but because it is the right thing to do.

This past week I’ve seen what a group of people can do when they unite around helping each other. When they focus together to solve problems, save lives and restore what was lost.

Yes, we live in a fallen, evil, painful world. There is no doubt about that, but even in the darkest…God is always there, working through His people.

And I just wonder, what if we all stepped up and united around verses like 1 Timothy 2:4… “who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth…”

What if we united around reaching those in the swirling flood waters of unbelief? What if we purposefully made a point to reach out with our love, our time, and God’s Truth to those who don’t look, sound or live like us?

What if?

Imagine what God could do through a group of women with that focus, with that passion and that desire to reach others with God’s Truth…so that none will perish in the flood waters of unbelief.

“All men” in 1 Timothy 2:4 doesn’t mean only those who look like us, sound like us or have our same citizenship. “All men” means men, women, children from all races, all languages and all nations.

For we know in Revelations 7:9
“…I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people, and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb…”

God desires for ALL men and women to be saved through Jesus Christ…not just those who look like us, sound like us and live where we live.

And so I’m reminded of all the stories of these brave men and women in Houston who risked their lives to help save the lives of others…regardless of their differences, as they entered the danger to bring light and hope to those who were perishing.

We are all called to do the same.

Because I don’t want us just to read 1 Timothy 2:4I want us to LIVE this verse out.

Taking 1 Timothy 2:4 to heart and equipping and training these amazing people to go out and be a catalyst of change using God’s Word to reach those who are drowning in their flood waters of unbelief. Sharing the life-saving truth found in 1 Timothy 2:5...that there is only one way to God…through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Pray with us because it takes you and it takes me each working together as the Body of Christ, praying, serving, and giving what we can to accomplish what only He can.

Together let’s work on putting 1 Timothy 2:4 into action and enter the flood waters…arm-in-arm, prayer by prayer, reaching, searching and helping…just like Jesus did for us.

“who gave himself as a ransom for all men…” 1 Timothy 2:6 

Because God desires ALL people, men, women, children from every region of the world to be saved and to know Him. Yet, we live in a world that shouts that there are many ways to God. As children of the King, we know this isn’t true. There is only one way to God: through Jesus Christ. Jesus gave His life for this mission. He is the Rescuer for which our hearts long. His mission needs to become our mission…His desires our own, because no one is outside of God’s mercy.

One woman, one community…one nation at a time. 

Friends, the flood waters are rising and it’s time to jump in and help out!

What are some ways you can put 1 Timothy 2:4 into action in your life? What part of this amazing gospel story has God equipped you to play?

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